Introduction to BBQWidowUK

I am a mum of two girls (and have a third girl as a step-daughter) and we all live in sunny Shropshire with our cats. For years my other half has been obssessed with BBQ’s and smokers and frequently supplies us with plenty of meat and surprise BBQ’s (I am sure it was his way of having man time in a house full of females!).

Following his obsession, my husband has set up his new business venture and  I have found myself in a rather elusive group – also known as the BBQ widows! So I have decided to reach out to all the other BBQ widows (ladies and chaps alike!) out there for the following months to share some ideas how to get through the mass of meat in the coming months. I also plan to share some recipes and tips on accompaniments for all the many BBQ’s you may have, as well as suggestions of what to do with the left overs.

Hubby decided to have not one, but two BBQ’s this weekend, and we only had two guests so I have been left with a rather large amount of brisket, which has been coated in Cattle Dust BBQ Rub and smoked for around 12 hours (if you want more information on this you are on the wrong blog – head over to RustyBBQco Facebook page for details on that!).

So what to do with all this gorgeous meat that is left??? My plan today is to do a chilli con carne with the meat, and look out for my next blog with the recipe and outcome.


16 thoughts on “Introduction to BBQWidowUK

  1. We have had a few BBQs so far. It always seems like a lot of effort if it is just the 5 of us (Zach barely eats any of it, I’m veggie with a wheat allergy)


    • Well hopefully you can pick up some tips/ideas for quick and easy options. We have really changed the way we BBQ, and made it much more of a quicker way to eat. Will get hubby(or me!) to put up some quick and easy BBQ ideas.


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