I need a hobby…..

At last, the summer is over and BBQ season must be nearly over soon and I will be getting hubby back soon. Or so I thought…..

Hubby, however, is battling on and still creating new rubs,   researching, composing, blogging, playing with different meat etc etc etc etc. So now the nights are getting colder and there is very little sun out I’ve lost the magical enjoyment of sitting outside with a rather large glass of wine, or cider. We have a new puppy so will be entertained with her a bit, but she generally sleeps in the evening, so what on earth do I do with myself now??? 
So this is now up to you lot, I would like anyone to come up with a hobby/challenge/task for me to do. I have about 1-2hrs in an evening that I normally eat, clean, tidy up, watch some TV then bed, that I want people to set me something to do. Anything (legal of course and has to be semi achievable!), that I could do in an hour or two over one night, or a week. Anything arty, Pinterest challenge, story writing, knitting, baking, cooking. So use your imaginations and set me a challenge, funds are limited so please bear that in mind!! And I will update and blog once I have completed, or while I am undertaking it. Please comment on this, Facebook, Instagram or message me direct….please be kind!!! Waiting with eager breathe……..


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